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I am an artist-curator and community weaver. Ecology, meaning radical interconnectedness of forms of life, lays at the centre of my practice. My motivation stems from a desire, to bring people closer to a sense of unity within themselves and with the animate world.


This manifests in my work—as researcher, I study epistemology of landscapes and ways of knowing beyond the rational, with a strong focus on deserts and rivers, as curator I am interested in how art serves a medium of healing, and propaganda for living a new paradigm of holistic culture, as community weaver and cultural producer I work with groups and projects spaces, fostering processes of knowledge exchange, self-governance, sensing collective intelligence, and decision making.


I am a founder of LIOS labs Arts of Ecology Research Platform and Artist-in-Residence Programme, a board member and artistic director of onEarth foundation—nonprofit dedicated to sharing ecological awareness, by educating about sustainability and circular economy.


Through my work, I wish to dissolve human/nature/culture dichotomies, and to envision and inspire a shift towards post capitalist, post anthropocentric and post extractivist futures. Futures, in which, as in many Indigenous cultures, words such as ‘artist’ and ‘nature’ are not distinguished in vocabulary, as they are internalised and recognised, as intrinsic parts of our being. 

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