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Jo Vávra 

Jo Vávra is a curator, artist, community weaver, and cultural ecologist born in 1991 in Kraków, Poland.

Their practice is centred around fostering reciprocal art practices. 

Community building, the concept of collaborative survival, and thoughts on movement and ecology thread through their various projects. In them, Jo Vávra morphs from organiser and host to social artist and facilitator of transformative, worldbuilding processes.

Curator SENTIENT (s. 2023) 

Co-founder and curator  OASIS 2027 (s. 2021)

Founder & artistic director of LIOS labs (s. 2019)

Co-founder & artistic director of onEarth foundation (s. 2019)

Co-founder & board member of neue Häute e.V - Project Space (s. 2019)

Co-founder & designer of ACaU - artist-run food lab (s. 2019)

Food therapist & event manager  Cosmic.Cooking (s. 2016)

Co-founder and designer CECI Foundation (s. 2015)

Ceramist in Raj Sukamoto (s.2015)


Selected projects


Torhaus Berlin - "From Gate-Keeping to Gate-Opening: Fostering agency in Troubled Times"

HARP: Holistic Art Research Programme - concept, research and curation - Europe 

Sharing of the Fruits Arts of Ecology Festival - curation, programming - Bledowska Desert, Poland

LIOS Desert Laboratory - curation, facilitation - Bledowska Desert, Poland


Spatial Festival - performance - Monom, Berlin, Germany

CulureCOP/Art Hub - curation - COP 27, Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt

Festival of Future Deserts - concept, curation - H2O Turmpark, Magdeburg, Germany

OASIS-2027: research residency programme - concept, curation - Spain/Poland/Germany

Sharing of the Fruits Festival - artistic direction, sustainability concept - Bledowska Desert, Poland 

LIOS labs: Arts of Ecology Residency Programme - concept, facilitation - Bledowska Desert, Poland



Commemorate the Past, Envision the Future: Club Commission 20th Anniversary - performance curation - Alte Münze, Berlin, Germany

Beyond the Sand: a group exhibition of the LIOS labs collective - curation - Tête, Berlin, Germany

LIOS labs: arts and ecology residency programme - concept, creative strategy, facilitation - Bledowska Desert, Poland

Urcylium - community theatre - a part of GLOBAL VILLAGE program fostered by Daku Fonds - dramaturgy and art direction - Grosser Garten, Gerswalde, Germany

Solidiualogues - Solidarity instead of Populism - design & moderation of the panel “Building Inclusive Practices” - digital, together with Newkinco and Goethe Institute London - 5-d arts vertical - design & coordination of 5 panels related to the future art practices, moderation of a panel “Allies with Earth” - digital


ACAU - All Cute Aliens United - Immersive Theatre in the Impossible Forest - concept and art direction - Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany

Blueberry Meditation -  LIOS labs creative residency and research program - concept and facilitation - Błędów Desert, Poland 



Terrapolis I & II - Terrapolis Collective - immersive dining experiences - concept & production - BOA Lab, Lisbon, Portugal

Journey to Happy Dantian - performative dining experience - Artemis Fontana, Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland 



Desperate Attempt - performance - Macao Center for Arts and Culture, Milan, Italy



Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune - set design, production, project coordination - Design Biennale Saint Etienne, France

Non-national Reserve - ceramic exhibition & clay studio design - Design Biennale Saint Etienne, France

Raj Sukamoto “Paradise” - ceramic exhibition - New Day Gallery - Berlin, Germany 


Selected residencies

2021 -  Landscape - Posto Segreto, Alcamo, Italy

2020 -  Notafe - Viljandi, Estonia

2020 -  The Palace Collective - Gorzanów, Poland 

2018 -  Mingling for Chimera -  Alcamo, Italy 

2014 -  Villa Lena - Toscany, Italy 



2022 - To see the World in a grain of Sand - Arts of the Working Class

2021 - Arts of the Working Class' 16th issue, FOOD EATS THE SOUL - Laetiporus Sulphureus

2021 - In, From & With: Exploring Collaborative Survival, Circadian 



2012 - Retail Design - TEKO Design University, Denmark 

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